How to Find and Replace Text in Multiple PDF Files

Do you want to fix those mistakes in your PDF files that appear in most of your pages? Trying to do that manually is not going to be an easy task, so here is a solution to that problem.

It is without a doubt that editing a PDF file is not a pushover task. So, facing a situation where you have to find and replace one word with another when editing your PDF file is going to be very hectic, as it would take you a lot of time to get it done. Also, you could face a lot of problems with your outcome such as the formatting or having the fonts messed up. If you want to find and replace text in your PDF files with no hassle, then we recommend you use the PDF Replacer software as it will get the job done in minutes.

In this article, we would be showing you how to successfully find and replace text in your PDF files with the use of PDF Replacer.

PDF Replacer is a PDF text replacement software tool made for the Windows platform. This software allows you to replace a particular word, phrase or even a sentence in multiple PDF files with the text of your choice with no hassle at all.

Video Tutorial

How to Find and Replace Text in Multiple PDF Files

Steps to Find and Replace Text in Multiple PDF Files

1 - After you must have successfully installed the PDF Replacer software on your windows computer, start it up.

2 - Click on the add icon to add a PDF file, or you can drag and drop the PDF file you wish to edit

3 - Now, add the text that you want to change in the "Find the Text" column. If there is need to change more than one text, you can add each word below in the same column.

4 - Beside the "Find the Text" column, you will see the "Replace With" column. You can now proceed to put in the text you wish to replace the original text with.

5 - You will find other options such as match case, Page by Page mode, and Page Range. So, if your editing process requires any of those features, you can select them.

6 - Click on the browse button to select the output folder and choose the destination where you want your newly converted PDF file to be saved.

7 - In the bottom-right corner of the screen, you will see the "Start Now" button. Click on it to start the processing. The file will now be converted depending on the word density and size of the PDF file.

8 - When the replacing has been completed, you will now be able to access the converted file with replaced text from the destination folder that will open.

Note: If you aim to delete a word or sentence rather than replace it, all you need to do is put in the word in the "Find the Text" column and then leave the "Replace with" column empty. This can delete words or sentences from your PDF file in bulk.

There are some other software you can use to replace text in a PDF file, but using the PDF Replacer ensures that you replace the text in your PDF file while retaining the original layout. These are some benefits of using the PDF Replacer;

1. It is easy to use as you don't need to be a professional to know your way around it

2. It supports over 50+ languages which include English, German, Arabic, and so many more

3. It is fast and reliable. You can get most of your work done in only a few minutes

So, if you need to change a word, phrase, or sentence in your PDF file, opt for the PDF replacer software as you can't go wrong using it.